meHello and welcome.

As you can probably see I’m a colorist at heart, that’s why I studied painting and art history in school. Artists like Matisse and Wolf Kahn, the designer Lilly Pulitzer, birds and flowers in a garden, fish in a stream – all these and more inspire my colorful enamel jewelry.

Deeply anchored in today’s insistence on repurposing and careful consumption, I use recycled copper. I hand cut and file each piece, then melt on lead-free enamels with my acetylene torch. The torch heats up the metal to just shy of 1500 degrees liquefying the enamel – which is powdered glass – and fusing it down onto the copper. I love the torch-firing process because it’s so hands-on and painterly. I can take the flame away, add more color, sgraffito through layers, put the flame back on again and again until I am happy with the result. This means that even though I may make a lot of minnows, for example, they are all different one of a kind, original pieces of wearable art.
I do have a thing for minnows, by the way……
After firing I finish up by smoothing any rough edges, making the sterling silver earwires, and setting the pendants.

My studio is located in mid coast Maine, up the street from the Kennebec River in Bath. I’ll be participating in the Bath Art Walk this season, on the 3rd Friday of each month through September. You can also check the events page for my upcoming shows, fairs and farmers markets in and around New England. Come and say hello and see my colorful and whimsical designs in person. Maybe you’ll find a fancy-bird necklace, a pair of minnow earrings, or a poppy necklace to make you smile. You’ll always see a happy mix of figurative and abstract designs on my table, but most of all there will be color – and lots of it!